Transforming innovation with intelligent automation

White-label Solution

A white-label Bot 360 AI-based recruitment tool can provide significant benefits to organizations in streamlining their hiring process. With its AI-powered algorithms, the tool can automate the initial stages of candidate screening and evaluation, reducing the time and effort required by recruiters.

  • Customizable and branded according to the organization's requirements
  • Seamless integration with the existing hiring process
  • Data-driven approach provide valuable insights into candidate pools
  • Help recruiters identify and prioritize top candidates
  • Ability to scale recruitment processes
  • Manage large volumes of applications, saving time and resources

Overall, implementing a white-label Bot 360 AI-based recruitment tool can lead to faster, more efficient hiring, enabling organizations to attract and hire top talent.

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Complete data ownership

BoT360 offers complete data ownership to its users, ensuring that they have control over their data at all times. If users wish to delete their account, they can do so and choose to either delete their data or request a data export. The data will be provided in the form of a JSON file, which will expire after one week. As applicants will be sharing personal and sensitive information during the recruitment process, it is essential to ensure the security of their data. BoT360 places a high priority on data security and assures its users that the information they entrust to the platform will be kept safe and secure at all times.

  • Maximized security
  • Complete data control
  • Can only be accessed through user accounts with the right credentials
  • Complete control over the matrix selection of data access

AI Screening

BoT360's AI screening feature accelerates resume screening with machine learning algorithms, ensuring quick and objective candidate evaluation. Customize it to match job requirements, saving time and effort while eliminating biases. Streamline your hiring process, improve candidate quality, and make better hires with BoT360's powerful AI screening. Transform your recruitment and minimize bias for fair evaluations.

  • Improves recruiter performance
  • Allows hiring to be done at scale
  • Offers a great candidate experience
  • No hiring bias
  • Enables remote hiring
  • Predicts candidate performance
  • Reduces hiring costs
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BoT360 Whiteboard: Digital Coding Representation (DCR)

BoT360's whiteboard feature enhances recruiter-candidate collaboration with visual representation of coding with ID integration. It offers various helpful tools like erasing, customization, undo/redo, and clearing the board. Improve recruitment efficiency and candidate experience with this powerful visual tool which is highly relevant for technical interviews.

  • BoT360's Whiteboard feature creates a digital whiteboard for coding during interviews.
  • Candidates can use the whiteboard to provide a visual representation of their ideas.
  • The feature includes tools for erasing, formatting, undoing, and clearing the whiteboard.
  • The Whiteboard feature helps recruiters communicate and collaborate with candidates effectively.
  • It can improve the recruitment process and lead to better hires.

BoT360 – Sentimental / Behavioral Analysis (S/BAT)

Game changer Sentimental Analysis is a powerful tool that can aid decision-making, especially in hiring management and administration. BoT360's technology utilizes Sentimental Analysis to analyze a video of a candidate's face, assess their expressions, and provide insights into their personality traits such as integrity, earnestness, uncertainty, passion, and a tendency for argument.

Our software algorithms can study images from live stream videos, uploaded photos, or database mugshots to encode various parameters such as height and width ratios, facial features, eye and mouth corners to determine a state of mind - happy or sad, stressed or at ease. This technology has two main uses for recruiters:


Personality Screening / AI Predictive Analytics

Sentimental Analysis technology can be used for personality screening, where recruiters can assess a candidate's facial expressions to determine their suitability for a particular job. It can also use AI predictive analytics to determine the likelihood of a candidate's success in a particular role based on their personality traits.


Culture Fit

Sentimental Analysis technology can also help recruiters determine whether a candidate is a good cultural fit for the organization. It can analyze a candidate's expressions to determine whether they share the values and beliefs of the organization and whether they are likely to fit in with the team.

BoT360 Interview Feedback Report (BoT360 Report)

Our technical panel provides feedback to the evaluator or end client about a candidate. One of the benefits of this feature is that it allows the evaluator to take time to write down their feedback, which gives them an opportunity to structure their thinking and check in with how they truly feel about the candidate. This can lead to a more objective recommendation and a better overall hiring decision.

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Time to reflect

Taking the time to write down feedback allows the evaluator to reflect on their observations and experiences with the candidate, rather than relying solely on gut feelings or first impressions.

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Structured thinking

Technical panel feature encourages evaluators to organize their feedback in a structured way, making it easier to analyze and compare candidates objectively.

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Objective recommendations

By giving evaluators time and structure to their feedback, the BTP feature helps to minimize biases and make more objective recommendations.

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Improved collaboration

Technical panel feature allows for multiple evaluators to provide feedback on a candidate, leading to a more well-rounded evaluation and a more collaborative decision-making process.

Maximized Data Security

Our data security team manages the data & information management using high & the most advanced technologies to ensure:

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Access control

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Risk monitoring

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Assess the level of risk

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Documented policy

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Security audit process

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Hosting server

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Data storage & IMS

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Threat management