BoT360 is an Intelligent Virtual hiring Platform

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Sentimental Analysis & Behavioural Analytics. Enabling quick and convenient hires by empowering recruiters with scalable and modular automated hiring tools.


Your end-to-end hiring platform

At BoT360 we are a bunch of crazy technology enthusiasts who have been talking and accumulating data points from several technology and HR leaders across the globe.

  • Automate time-consuming administrative tasks.
  • Improve collaboration
  • Your own end-to-end hiring platform
  • Complete data ownership
  • Involve relevant people in the hiring process.
  • Reduce wasting time on non-relevant candidates.
  • Reduce recruitment time and cycle.

AI-Powered Hiring Platform

BoT360 has a very critical feature to authenticate the genuity of every single profile entering into the system such that the right candidate gets to compete and win the right job. We provide an easy-to-use but very robust system that helps enterprises to save the dollar, save time avoid mundane repeated activities and increase productivity.


Artificial Intelligence

Streamlines and automates the recruitment process by analyzing data and identifying the right match for your requirement.


Sentimental Analysis

Bot360 uses Sentimental Analysis technology for identity verification and analysis of non-verbal cues during video interviews.


Behavioural Analytics

Assess candidate behavior and responses to provide valuable insights into their suitability for a role, enhancing the selection process with data-driven evaluation.


Instant ID Verification

Bot 360 verifies the authenticity of identification documents, providing peace of mind for interviewers and ensuring the integrity of the hiring process.

Simplified Hiring Process with BOT360

Our tech-driven war room experience led us to develop a robust and automated system in BoT360 AI recruitment tool, simplifying the hiring process for tech specialists. With a team of tech experts and HR leaders, we've created an intelligent system that analyzes problem statements, thinks, processes data, and delivers optimal results.

Our advanced resume parsing engine extracts relevant resumes for each job, categorized by project budgets. BoT360 incorporates Sentimental Analysis technology, understanding jobseeker emotions and interests, providing detailed reports to interviewers, eliminating manual work.


Simplify Each Step Of The Recruitment Procedure

Today’s problem to hire the best and most genuine talent has always challenge for many enterprises globally and the birth of BoT360 has been able to resolve 89 percent of the challenges faced by the HR and internal recruitment teams.



Selecting candidates to interview from a pool of applicants is the most tedious part of the interview process. Or it was. Screening of the right candidates and potential performers now simplified right to its roots with AI Screening of BOT360.

  • Improves recruiter process
  • Allows hiring to be done at scale
  • Offers a great candidate experience
  • Removes hiring bias
  • Enables remote hiring
  • Predicts candidate performance
  • Reduce hiring costs


Scheduling interviews can be a time-consuming and frustrating task for recruiters and candidates alike. However, with the help of BOT360, an AI-based recruitment tool, scheduling interviews can be streamlined and simplified.

  • Integration with calendar systems
  • Automated scheduling
  • Reminder notifications
  • Interview rescheduling
  • Customizable settings
  • Real-time scheduling updates
  • Pre-setting date availability


The AI-powered interviewing process of Bot360 is a sophisticated tool that enables companies to conduct interviews with job candidates in an efficient, objective, and effective manner. This process is powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology for natural language processing, intelligent automation, and data-driven insights.

  • Video interview functionality
  • AI-powered video analysis
  • Live one on one interview
  • Candidate assessment with coding assessment
  • Detailed behavioral analysis
  • Easy collaboration
  • Candidate assessment
  • Analytics and reporting


Bot360 streamlines the feedback process with its advanced technology, allowing for easy and effective feedback sharing to ensure an efficient and successful hiring process. The feedback process in Bot360 is designed to enable interviewers to provide valuable insights on candidate performance, such as soft skills and qualifications, to help to hire managers to make informed decisions.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Streamlined feedback process
  • Technical feedback
  • Feedback on soft skills
  • Facial analysis report
  • Detailed analysis for making decisions
  • Interviewee perspective

BOT360- Accurate, Better, and Faster

Bot360, a unique AI-powered recruitment tool offers several distinct features and advantages to help you optimize your hiring process in a quick and effective way. Here are a few reasons why Bot360 stands out from the crowd:

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BoT360 - Sentimental / Behavioral Analysis (S/BAT) – Game Changer

Helps recruiter to assess personality screening and culture fit through AI Predictive Analytics for candidates by analyzing video interviews of candidates and encoding various parameters to determine a state of mind.

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BoT360 Whiteboard: Digital Coding Representation (DCR)

Allows you to create a digital whiteboard with ID integration allows you to code and display the panel with relevant outputs for your code.

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Data Ownership

With BoT360, you are the complete and sole owner of your data. In any instance, wherein you want to delete your BoT360 account, you can always choose to delete the data, or request a data export, which will be provided to you as a JSON file with a week’s expiration date.

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Data Security and Management

Applicants with BOT360 will have provided a lot of personal and sensitive information which they entrust to the interviewing Organization. The security of such data is very crucial. We assure you, the security of the data entrusted to you is our highest priority.

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BoT360 Interview Feedback Report (BoT360 Report)

The technical panel takes time to write down feedback gives the evaluator/end client an opportunity to structure their own thinking, check in with how they really feel about a candidate, and make a more objective recommendation.

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With its customizable branding and user interface, BOT360 is an attractive option for businesses looking to optimize their recruitment processes without investing in extensive development resources or expertise.

Integrate with the tools you work regularly with

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Stories From Our Customers

Read what our customers have to say about BOT 360's efficiency, accuracy, and ability to revolutionize their hiring processes.

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